Resting from Workout

Personal Training

The missing puzzle piece to reaching your fitness goals. Flashback to when you were in school, and you would attend classes, study the materials, but maybe still not get the grade you were wishing for? Well in the fitness world, private training is similar to getting a tutor to push you to the next level. You will learn proper form, fitness+ health education, while also getting a personalized programming customized for you by your personal trainer.

Fitness Community

Group Training

At Compound Fitness, you are not just joining a gym to workout in; you are joining a fitness community where you will experience fulfilment in our classes by giving it your best effort and getting after your goals with people who desire the same as you! Our group training sessions are designed to give you optimal results, an exciting & challenging experience, and a positive & encouraging team atmosphere. Nothing will push you to your fullest potential than pursuing similar goals as your surroundings, through both hard work and perseverance. Building healthy habits is the norm, join us to find out ;)

Battle Rope Workout

Fitness Challenges

Lets face it, routines can get boring! How do we keep it fun? We CHALLENGE ourselves to do something out of our comfort zone to really push ourselves to be our best. At Compound Fitness, we will provide fitness, nutrition, wellness, and progress challenges that will give you more tools to crush your goals while having a community of people working towards their goals at the same time.

Dodge Ball Team Building


Calling all competitors, athletes, and go-getters!! Ready to bring out your inner athlete outside the gym walls? Dodgeball, run club, kickball, hiking, and more. Our mission at Compound Fitness is to show you that in order to be active, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the gym. We encourage you to take the principles you learn in our sessions, and go out & enjoy life!! What fun is building a strong & mobile body if you don’t experience activity & sport?

Compound Fitness Facility

Corporate Team Building

Ok so maybe you & your team are regulars at your local bar BUT what if you were a regular at your local gym (that happens to also be next to the new barrio?) If you and your team are looking for something fun & exciting to experience together, then look no further! We have the space & the activities to create a day/night of team building exercises. And no this doesn’t mean your team has to exercise, lol, although we do offer that too… BUT we provide a night of dodgeball, tug-of-wall, slam ball, relays, or whatever your creative mind can come up with in our fitness facility!

Healthy Cooking

Nutrition Coaching

Hey! Don’t let the term “nutrition coaching” push you away. Most of us hear nutrition coaching and think… great, I have to eat chicken, rice, and broccoli for the next 30 days to lose maybe 5lbs? But you have been misled! I can ease your mind to let you know that during your nutrition coaching, you will not feel the restrictive feeling you experience during most fad diets found online. The important part of nutrition is enjoying food that fuels your body & makes us perform live better. The best part about our nutrition coaching is you will get to eat food that is actually both nutritious and delicious. We will provide weekly customized meal plans that include your grocery list & recipes to make the process easy & manageable. With your coaching, you will receive weekly nutritional tips that will help advance your knowledge on how to fuel your body correctly so you can continue to make lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health as you continue to crush these goals!