5 Tips for Parents with Young Athletes

Updated: Jan 17

Sports are a great opportunity for kids to learn valuable life skills. Kids should be having fun and enjoying what they are doing in order to get the most out of their sport. The parents play a huge role in the young athlete’s success in their sport. Their success isn’t necessarily based on their performance or if they win or not, but primarily on if they are maximizing their own individual potential. Parents want the best for their kids, so here are a few tips for parents to help maximize their young athlete’s potential through sports.

1.Set a good example for your kid by living a healthy lifestyle through exercise & nutrition. Parents who are healthy & active, more times than not, produce healthy & active children. Kids are always looking up to their parents & love to do what they do. If they see their parents enjoying sports or being active, the kids are more likely to pursue those activities. Same goes for if the parents don’t live healthy lifestyles or have bad habits, the kids are more inclined to do the same. Encourage your young athlete to live a healthy life through exercise & good nutrition by living out that lifestyle. Exercise regularly, fuel your body with nutritious foods, drink more water, & prioritize sleep. You can’t control what happens on the playing field, but you can control what they are doing at home to help better themselves with good nutritional habits.

2. Place importance on having fun & enjoying the sport rather than putting all the focus on winning. Research has shown that the main reason athletes play sports is because they have fun playing & competing. It has also shown that one of the main reasons why young athletes end up quitting their sport is because they “Don’t find it fun anymore.” Therefore, as a parent, it is important to stress that having fun while playing is the most important thing.

3. Stress the importance of focusing on improving your individual skills rather than comparing yourself to other teammates or competitor’s. This can be pretty difficult at times, especially in today’s world with social media & the compliments/praise that some athletes get. In order to truly maximize the potential of oneself, it is vital to focus on what you can control as an individual. The more time you spend thinking about what other people are doing, the less time you are spending thinking about ways that you can improve yourself. It is also important to note that in young athletes, growth and development happen at different rates. This is why it is important to praise improvement & progress rather than comparing your skillset to others.

4.Let your child try different sports & avoid specializing in one thing. Research has shown that the majority of athletes who specialize in one sport at an early age eventually get burnt out. They are also at a higher risk for injuries based on the increased repetitive specialized movements. As mentioned before, the most important thing is for your young athlete to have fun & enjoy their sport. They are also young & what they find to be enjoyable can change over time. It is important to expose them to a multitude of activities/sports to see which ones that they find enjoyable. Once they find a couple sports that they have fun doing, they should be encouraged to pursue all of them. As they get older, their bodies will benefit both mentally & physically from all the different demands of the various sports.

5.Do “Your Job” as a “Sports Parent.” As a sporting parent, you should strive to do your job to the best of your ability. Your “Job” is to love your athlete, help create self-confidence, & teach them good values. You should support & be patient with them & also their coaches. Your job is not to be negative, shout at the coaches or referees during games, or to talk down on the opponents. Your job is to show your support for your child & their team & to help them to be their very best.

The Compound Fitness

Youth Sports Conditioning Program Philosophy

Here at Compound Fitness we provide a youth sports conditioning program that is centered around maximizing each individual athlete’s potential. We focus on developing athletes in three physical areas: Speed, Agility, & Explosiveness. Within these areas, each athlete will learn the basics & fundamentals of the movements. Each athlete will get coaching & learn proper cues on running, jumping, landing, & moving in space. Since enjoyment is the most important aspect for an athlete, this is all performed in a positive, safe & fun/competitive environment that is enjoyable for athletes of all ages. Furthermore, what sets this program apart from others, is the focus on ways to improve outside of the physical skills/traits. This program provides lessons on proper sports performance nutrition, proper recovery methods, goal setting, mental skills, & character development. There are many different aspects that go into being a good athlete. At Compound Fitness we believe in striving to be at our best both mentally & physically. We are passionate to help each individual tap in to reach their full potential & achieve their goals.

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