Ways to Stay Fit with Busy Work Days

Updated: May 3

Many people struggle to stay fit and live healthy lifestyles with busy work days. It is so important to always be taking the time each day to take care of yourself. Just a little bit each day can go a long way. This article will give you some insights of what you can do to get back on track. It will also stress the importance that any issues that you may be dealing with, either physically or mentally, can be improved with living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Be as active as you can throughout the day.

  • This is especially important for anyone who is working from home or has a desk job. To stay fit, it is vital to move your body. Having jobs that keep us sedentary for long periods of time can make this pretty challenging. Try to do your best to stay active throughout the day. You can do this by walking around as much as you can during phone calls and in-between meetings. A good habit you could get into is try to get 1,000 steps in between every meeting or during your lunch break. If you work from home you could also get mini-workouts in between meetings. You could do a 5-10min workout of body weight movements like squats, sit ups, push ups, burpees, etc. Every way that you can create movement habits like these can add up to help you out tremendously in the long run towards accomplishing your health and fitness goals.

  • Avoid constant snacking

  • This can definitely be a challenge for those who work from home and have the kitchen full of food right down the hall. This ultimately comes down to your discipline and how important it is to you to achieve your goals. Constantly think about your goals and why you want to achieve them. This can help you stay disciplined and within your daily calorie amounts.

  • This isn’t saying to avoid snacking throughout the work day entirely, but rather to choose healthier snack options if you do need to have a quick snack. Real food such as fruits and vegetables should always be a go-to instead of snack foods that are packaged and processed.

  • Another way to avoid constantly snacking is to have a nutrition plan for yourself. You should plan out what you are going to eat throughout the day and how much. This will help you not make impulsive decisions to grab a bag of chips from the pantry or the vending machine.

  • Meal prep your lunches

  • This might be the most beneficial thing that you could implement into your busy work day if you are looking to be healthier. Preparing and cooking your own lunches that are well balanced with lean proteins and fresh vegetables can completely transform your body. Imagine eating a fresh cooked meal or a fresh salad with grilled chicken for lunch instead of eating at the nearest fast food or local diner each day. This is another habit that, with consistency, can go a very long way towards accomplishing your goals. Meal prepping and bringing your own food for lunch into work will also prevent you from making more impulsive decisions to eat whatever sounds good at the moment, which are usually unhealthy options.

  • Prioritize time for exercise

  • You need to prioritize time to workout, even if it is only a 15min session. A short workout is better than not working out at all. The list goes on and on about the benefits from exercise. If you have a busy lifestyle and are truly wanting to stay fit, then making time to exercise should be a priority.

  • This can also help decrease any aches and pains, especially those who are on their feet all day. Whether that is wrist, low back, or foot pain. You can help decrease these pains from work by living a healthier lifestyle with more movement and exercise in your day.

  • You can also be dealing with a wide range of moody customers throughout your work day. Making time to better yourself physically through exercise will also make you feel better mentally. You will have more energy and feel happier. There is plenty of scientific research showing the mood and energy benefits from exercise. Try to either start your day with a workout session to get your mood for the day off to a strong start or get a session after work to relieve some of the work day stress.

Caleb Wohlwend

B.S. Exercise Science

Compound Fitness Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Home Work-Outs

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