Run Club Info

Join our Compound Fitness Run Club!


When is it?

It will take place every Saturday during the month of May and June. Starting at 11:00 AM. 


We will send out a message for all that would like to join on where we are meeting each week in the area!



Who should join?

For those who would like to experience what your body is capable outside of the gym & want to further their adventure with running. 


What if I don't like to run?

Run, walk, sprint, crawl- no person will be left behind. We will all be there to enjoy each others company & set different paths for all levels to succeed!

What is the benefit?

Reap the benefits of the hard work you put in the gym by adventuring outdoors on trails and pathways in the local area with the confidence you have gained in the gym. 


One of the biggest benefits of working on keeping your body in shape, is experiencing real life, nature,& others company.


Why did we want to bring this to the Compound Fitness  Community? 

We would love for you to experience the mental clarity and fulfillment that another outlet of fitness can bring! 


Contact us now to join!

If you are interested in participating- please message us at 216-616-4296 or email us at